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  • What is the warranty on your LED lights?
    The LED cartridges for all thru-hulls are guaranteed for 3 years. All surface mount lights are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Where are your lights manufactured
    All of our lights are manfactured in Atlanta Georgia USA.
  • Are your lights reverse polarity protected?
    Wires are clearly labeled red+ and black- but are reverse polarity protected just in case.
  • What is the warrenty on your through hulls.
    Our navel bronze through hull models are guarnteed for 10 years.
  • Can I run with my lights on
    With LED through hulls you absolutly can
  • What voltage do your LED lights run on?
    All our LED's can operate on 12V-36V range.
  • I have a set of lights from a manufacturer that has gone out of business and they are not working; do you have replacement parts for them?
    In most cases we have parts or can repair lights from other manufacturers. If the housings are in good shape we can usually supply you with a replacement lighting element so you won't need to buy a whole new light. We also have the ability to custom make hard to find parts.
  • Can you make custom lights?
    Yes, since we manufacturer all of our lights in house we can custom make any kind of light you need. If you can draw it on a napkin...we can make it come to life.
  • Where can I find installation instructions?
    Find Installation Manuals and drawings by going to "About Us" page and look for the "Installation Drawings/Manuals" link in the top left corner of page.
  • How long will it take to get my lights?
    All lights are custom made to order so once payment is received your order will be put in the que to be built. Typically lights will ship in 3-5 business days depending on the number of orders in the que. All orders are shipped via USPS Ground unless you have requested faster shipping. Also, if you have provided us with your email address you will receive tracking information from UPS when your order ships.
  • What is the warranty for Metal Halide, Xenon and Halogen lights?"
    Our Naval Bronze thru-hull housings are guaranteed for 10 years. Aluminum and Stainless Steel thru-hull housings are guaranteed for 5 years. The ballast for Metal Halide and Xenon lights are guaranteed for 1 year. All Metal Halide, Xenon and Halogen bulbs are guaranteed to work when installed. Light bulbs can last a few months or ten years depending on many factors. We sugest replacing Metal halide and Xenon bulbs every 3 years to preserve the life of the ballast.
  • Where can I mount A surface mount LED
    Surfaces Mounts can only be mounted on the transome of the vessel. Debris such as wood seaweed and other floating material can catch on the fixture and damage it when mounted on the sides and bottem. The reason for this is surface mounts have a much highter profile then Throughulls.
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